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Real Estate Floor Plan Layouts (CAD)......

All houses begin "on paper" with a set of plans used by the builder to construct that particular house. People wanting to build a new house often start by perusing books filled with floor plans to help them make decisions about how they'd like their new house to be designed. Pixall Photo is proud to offer floor plan representations of existing homes whose original architectural drawings may have been lost, misplaced, or for some other reason are unavailable. Drawings of this nature can help prospective buyers better understand how a house is designed, how it flows from room to room and, therefore, provides important information for prospective buyers.

Computer-generated floor plan layouts are simply birdseye views of each level of a house as shown in the example below. Illustrations such as these can provide a wealth of information about: 1) relative room positions, 2) position and width of windows, 3) location of doors and the direction they open, 4) availability of baths, toilets, sinks, and countertops, 5) location and direction of stairs linking different floor levels, and 6) how the house faces the rising and setting sun (see compass insert). Information like this could be very important to a prospective home buyer in their process of deciding whether to visit and/or buy a given house.



Floor plan layouts can be provided in either electronic or print versions depending on your needs. Email me today to find out about the floor plan layouts and policies offered by Pixall Photo at SteveB@pixallphoto.com

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